Princess Curse 

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Princess Curse, a new adventure game by Microsheep.
Watch game trailer on YouTube.
Available now for iOS and Android.

218 comments on “Princess Curse”

  1. Bibliothèque en France says:


    I just charge the app on the iPad, but i don’t succeed to put the game in French.
    I have just the choice between Chinese and English…

    Can you help me please?

    • microsheep says:

      Unfortunately, Princess Curse is available only in English and Chinese, but there is a good chance that you’ll be able to play the game without fully understanding all the text.
      I hope you’ll enjoy the game,

      • Bibliothèque en France says:

        I play in a library with a large group of children, so it’s a necessity for me to have it in French, even if I’ll be able to play the game without fully understanding all the text.

        I am very upset because on the store page on iTunes, your description about Princess Curse app says : “Languages: English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish”.
        So how can you explain that we can only play it in English or Chinese….?!

        • microsheep says:

          I can understand your frustration, and I apologize for that.
          You are correct that in the store page on iTunes it mentions many other languages – which is, obviously, not the case. I guess it is the default option – which I failed to notice. Believe me that is was an honest mistake. I’ve tried to see how to change this but it seems that it is possible to do so only when uploading a new version – which I’ll fix in the next version, if there’s one. I apologize again for that 🙁

  2. Bibliothèque en France says:


    I just charge the app on the iPad, but i put in French.
    I have just ths choice between Chinese and English…

    Can you help me please?

  3. Radi says:

    Hi! How can I open the window with spiders and other things?
    I tried the pattern but it doesn’t work

  4. Hanna says:

    Hello! Thanx for a awesome game! But im stuck, even after reading the comments here. Im on the second floor and i dont know what to feed the plant whit. The spider? The tode? The plant wont eat them.

  5. xoji says:

    how i can open the windiw with spider and some other insects plz helppp

  6. DIBA says:

    I want to finish the game. Will not be in play? Because the Knights into the Wizard

  7. gatone says:

    I saw summon deamon and I checked reflection mirror I did mirror hints,but I can not got flower. Please answer to me

  8. waie says:

    how to get the dragon nail and how to get the key for the cabinet

  9. DIBA says:

    How do I get the second part?

  10. Ali 2014 says:

    Your game that is awesome, I like the end love and death,but I wish it will continues.

  11. nima says:

    How can i solve the back door of the biulding ? please help me

  12. soroosh says:

    help me please

  13. Ali says:

    I finished the game with your hints:-)
    I am waiting until Grimm’s two this is best
    Good luck

    • microsheep says:

      Thanks, Ali, it’s great to know that you loved the game.
      Please rate us at the store and tell your friends and family about this game 🙂

  14. Ali says:

    Oops thank you you are great
    Sorry for Ask many questions
    Where is demon ?! In page of book?!
    And should I brake motor?!until catch some flower and where is air element

  15. Sunny says:

    Yes…YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes I have done it…..

    Nice Game, I have never played game like this.
    Pls Tell me.. any other game like this…? love u all

  16. Ali says:

    Hello dear
    I am in yard now
    I Found symbols of kitchen wall but I Don’t know them order and the symbols in the yard are more than wall s symbols
    Two symbols are more
    Thanks dear please say them order

    • microsheep says:

      Hi Ali,
      Be patient, maybe you’re missing something that will help you to decipher the symbols in the graveyard…

      • Ali says:

        Thank you micro but I don’t understand your mean
        I searched for other of symbols but I didn’t find them please help me
        I am very excide

        Thank You

  17. Ali says:

    Hey Micro sheep
    how I Open the glass
    there is spider under glass and glass has 8 Buttons
    2.There is some Rock Up the fire Shroud I Press Which One Thanks Please Hello
    I Waited For Three Days

    • microsheep says:

      Hi Ali,
      For the insects box – we’ve published a hint (take a look at some of the older comments).
      As for the bricks above the fireplace – you’ll figure it out later on 🙂

  18. Sunny says:

    I Know About First but What About Second……I Am trying for Second one form past to days….

  19. Sunny says:

    I Create the symbol which in the center in the cabinet but nothing happening……I Create “B” Symbol “M” is too hard……..tell me as u suggest earlier……it’s game of my life…….

  20. Sunny says:

    pls tell me the combination of cabinet?

  21. Ali SiR says:

    Thanks for create this game
    I have a question :
    Witch jailed me and I fixed the ladder but I can’t open the window for escape and I have one bone and eye ball
    Do I Mix them?! May?!

    • microsheep says:

      The bone looks like a key, don’t you agree? But you might need to take one extra step before it can serve you as one…
      As for the eyeball – it’ll become handy later on

  22. Sunny says:

    How to Unlock the cabinet…. I Know hint in the mirror..But I am try from past two days….
    pls tell me the combination of cabinet?

    • microsheep says:

      The cabinet has nothing to do with the mirror, you just need to recreate the symbol in the center using the buttons around it. Good luck 🙂

  23. A says:

    Any tips on the kitchen wall symbol? Dont understand even with the graveyard hints

  24. muhsin says:

    i solved the spider puzzle. how i overcome the carnivorous plant on the steps to the 2nd floor. and how the gate with 4 arrows can be open???

    pls help. its a wonderful game.

    • microsheep says:

      If the carnivorous plant eats something poisonous, it might kill it, don’t you agree?
      As for the gate – one thing at a time…

      Glad to hear you like the game 🙂

  25. troyie says:

    hi whats the purpose of the plate???

  26. helpme says:

    Spider box still can’t find answer have read your comments and picture still no comprenday

    • microsheep says:

      Click on the buttons at the following order: I, V, IV, III
      (take a look at the diagram on this page to see the buttons numbers)

  27. onma says:

    I found the demon, I saw the diagram, but I can’t solve it I don’t know what’s missing

  28. Vademon says:

    grimma is here, i have poison, a fishing rod and a candle. what do i do now?

  29. Chrissy says:

    where do i get the spirit element?

  30. Pap says:

    Hello, i can’t move the wall with symbols, please help me.

    • microsheep says:

      If you’re refereeing to the brick wall in the kitchen, you’ll be able to find a hint for this in the graveyard…

  31. merina says:

    Please help me to unlock the cupboard puzzle and the mysterybehind the crystal ball..its a lovely game but stucked at this two..please help me I am curious about the end of this fantabulous game..microsheep please help me..

  32. Ludwig says:

    Hey 🙂 I managed to get 4 of the elements lit and everything in the pot except for the flowers. I have the fishing rod, the candle and the key from the witch’s bedroom. How can I open the broken hatch?

  33. cweb says:

    how do i get dragon’s nail ? got the scissor and tried on the cat but nothing happened .

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  35. Fabio says:

    Can’t solve the XX in the lock: ( pls help

    • microsheep says:

      If you managed to solve the previous locks, you’ll be able to solve this as well.
      Just remember that it might require more than two or three symbols…

  36. Fabio says:

    Where to find the spirit symbol

  37. Olli says:

    How do I light the fire element?

  38. abbey says:

    i summoned the demon but its not giving me any flowers even though i put the diagram i saw at the mirror.. can somebody help me pls? im stuck

  39. inr says:

    Finally I unlocked the glass

    • microsheep says:

      Better to solve it by yourself, don’t you agree

      • inr says:

        Wat u said is crct , really nice puzzle game I had ever played till now, all we need is grimma. 2

        • microsheep says:

          If the sales justify all the hard work put into this game, there will be more games like this.

          So please rate this game, and tell you friends about it.
          Thanks for playing, it really means a lot to know that you like the game 🙂

  40. inr says:

    Yaar I have tried many times but I have not found any result I no da 1345 seq and ihav tried with their no of rows, pls help

  41. inr says:

    I think der is sme technical Prblm regarding did spider in my mobile

  42. Paulinho says:

    1. which the tip to open the locker room at the pentagram? 2. I saw the diagram of the flower but where do I use it?

  43. Paulinho says:

    I see the diagram of the flower but do not know where I’m going to use. The flower is the only missing element.

  44. inr says:

    Excellent game, no doubt it shows your skill and hardwork. I can’t open the glass door with insects even after using ur hint please help

  45. Gembos says:

    Yeah finised, I really like this game, but the story is very short.
    Are there any plans to make games like this anymore, can the story like a ghost or a zombie mystery?

    • microsheep says:

      Well, it depends on how well this game will do.
      If the sales justify all the hard work put into this game, there will be more games like this, and probably longer ones.

      So please rate this game, and tell you friends about it.
      Thanks for playing, it really means a lot to know that you like the game 🙂

  46. amna says:

    How to solve the cupboard puzzle , others asked about it but your answer didn’t help me

    • microsheep says:

      We don’t want to ruin you fun, so please try a bit longer. If you don’t solve it by tomorrow, we’ll help you with that

  47. Lucifer says:

    Can anybody tell me how to get to demon that gives flowers?? #microsheep

  48. Ishaan says:

    Hey..microsheep…I like this game very much.and want to continue it but I am stuck at insect puzzle ..what i have to do there …I am not able to understand that..??

  49. Gembos says:

    Where I can use White poison?

  50. Leopoldo says:

    Wow! I loved this game. Thanks, microsheep for só many hoursthat i’ve got stick, ’cause the joy of solving a problemas is payless! God bless you, rudes.

    • microsheep says:

      Glad to hear that. it’s great to know that all the hard work has paid off 🙂

      Please rate us and spread the word so we can create more adventure games.

  51. roko says:

    Very nice game! I like it very much!
    But I need fire, and I don’t have a candle. Also tried using the fishing rod everywhere without success.

    So, where to find the candle?

  52. Avdesh says:

    How to take flowers and where to use mirror clue. Please tell me

  53. navid says:

    hi thank u 4 such lovely game ive a question how can i solve the brick puzzle above the hearth?? i know it’s something to do with graveyard and gravestones but i cant figure it out specific combination … please help me !!!

  54. andy says:

    where do i use the fishing rod 🙁

  55. komeil says:

    How do I light the spirit element?????????

  56. gatz says:

    Awesome game.. i never ever played an interesting game lyk dis… but the sad thing is i got struck in cupboard puzzle… 🙁 please help me in this… thanks a ton in adv….

  57. komeil says:

    How do I light the spirit element

  58. vietnamese says:

    i can’t figure which symbols to press. please help me

  59. babass says:

    Bonjour je suis bloquée devant l armoire avec plein de symboles et je n arrive pas a l ouvrire le symbole au milieu et en forme de B mes bon rien ne se passe pouvai vous m aidé merci

  60. Yanni says:

    Finished the game! The spider in the box puzzle was hard and the hint was too vague! There’s a thin line between a challenge & outright frustration. I don’t usually go for puzzle games but the Story kept me going, the two possible endings was nice.
    I think you can do better,more story driven, less frustrating puzzles, being able to see the avatar interact with the environment and objects would be nice like Telltales The Walking Dead.

  61. wilyam says:

    i love the game by the way hope you make another great puzzle adventure games like this 🙂 more power

  62. wilyam says:

    where can i find the white flower?

  63. christian says:

    como abrir a caixa de insetos?

  64. Felipe says:

    Please help me with the puzzle box of insects

  65. Ankit Bagadia says:

    Excellent creativity…! Finished the game.. Enjoyed a lot. Thanks for the game once again!
    A longer story with some mechanism to hav a walkthrough within the game will be well appreciated. Jus try playing machinarium which has solutions within the game but it’s tough to crack em.. All in all a nice adventurous play. Thanks microsheep!

  66. grimma addict says:

    Nice game!! I wish the story was longer.. finished the game.. thanks for the spider tip…

  67. Aarif says:

    Can someone please tell me what object is used to carry flame from the dragon? I have the fishing rod, dragon nails, worm, spider and empty tube. If I don’t have the object, where can I find it and where do I use the fishing rod?

  68. deb says:

    I cannot figure out the flower lights. I have seen the mirror. Have all elements. What’s the morter and pestle for?

  69. Zack says:

    this game is too short for me too enjoy :((

    • microsheep says:

      Sorry to hear that. We’ve put a lot of time and effort in order to bring a great experience to you players – in terms of graphics, puzzles and story. This is our first adventure game. Hopefully, if this game is successful (please rate us and recommend this game to your friends) – the next game will be longer 🙂

  70. Ankit Bagadia says:

    Am stuck after coming out of the underground dungeon from the ladder. There r two puzzles one is the skull eye on first floor n other is the gate at the backyard. Any solutions? N yes the game is awesome. After Leo & Machinarium this is the next most interesting game on Android! Keep creating!

    • microsheep says:

      During the game you’ll see many puzzles – not all can be solved immediately, But one of the puzzles you’ve mentioned can be solved after coming out from the dungeon – look for hints…

      Glad to hear that you like the game – please rate us 🙂

  71. Skylines says:

    How to pass plank sealed doors?

  72. Ricks says:

    I am stuck….after compltng the ladder what I do next..plz help me…..

  73. Matheus says:

    I don’t know what to do after fix the ladder and get out of the dungeon. I’m loooooooooooooooooooooooooost 🙁

  74. jessica says:

    The puzzle with the box of insects the dots represent 1345 right do you have to press the switches respond to how many times you have to press

  75. Skylines says:

    Can´t figure out how to make fire… I know about the dragon he will probably ignite it, Have only worm, dragon nails, spider, fishing rod and empty tube. Need ignite fire under the bucket and fire element. I was looking everywhere probably… 😀

  76. microsheep says:

    Since many of you asked about the the spider, here’s a hint:

    A hint for the spider puzzle

  77. Nonamefound says:

    How do I light the air element?

    • Skylines says:

      With Flute. Is located under the dungeon. You have to find handle to trigger down the chain with bucket and go down there.

  78. Hans says:

    I’ve tried so many times , but I still have no idea about that spider , could you please help me microsheep ~

    • Jeffrey says:

      Me too, don’t know how to remove the glass for ”the spider and some other insects” 🙁

      • Hans says:

        I’ve already succeeded in getting that spider, just press four of those eight buttons around that glass ~ Now I have no idea about fire element … QAQ

  79. manuel says:

    no entiendo lo del armario de insectos se que esta en la araña pero no lo comprendo

  80. jessica says:

    What’s the fishing pole used for is it used for the door with the wooden planks

  81. jessica says:

    How do I light the fire element

  82. jessica says:

    There’s a box with insects and switches which switches do I press

  83. jessica says:

    Can you please tell me this other symbol its two x’s and and a diamond

  84. Jeffrey says:

    Excellent game!! Also looks very nice, i like the drawing style 😀

    I’m stuck at the door of the 5th floor (the circle with a star in it)….please help me, so i can play the rest of your great game…

    • microsheep says:

      A hint: you’ve seen the solution to this puzzle elsewhere in the game, if you were able to collect yourself a spider…

      • jessica says:

        In the outhouse there’s a spiderweb with dots and a spider is that the hint for the box with the insects

      • Bjay says:

        please I’m stuct at the door of the 5th floor (the circle with a star in it) please help me I see the clue in the spider box but still I can’t understand please just say the answer

  85. jessica says:

    What symbols do I press

  86. jessica says:

    I need help with the cupboard puzzle

  87. L says:

    Love Grimma!!!!! But I am totally stuck at the crystal ball!

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