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Game Description

How many princesses in distress will you save?
Use your mighty sword to release them from their cages…
Use the money to upgrade your knight.

Game Instructions

Left and right keys to move, space to hit, up key to perform magic


This game was created by my younger brother

7 comments on “Knightmare”

  1. lee barr says:

    why are you stuck in level 7

  2. anmol says:

    I’m stuck in 7th level

  3. ivory says:

    kitemare is so awsome

  4. Joe says:

    Fun … reminds me of castlevania games

  5. Pav says:

    Overall good game just a bit of a mix up would be nice

  6. chesse20 says:

    its not that its bad its just that it could be worked on more

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