Micro-Olympics Christmas 

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Game Description

Will you be the champion of Micro-Olympics Christmas?
Shoot your sledge as far as you can.
Buy and carefully use power-ups on your way to the top.
Try to beat all 7 glorious pilots in this fast paced game…

Game Instructions

Left mouse button, and you are all set!


Read a great guide to Micro-Olympics, by mrhthepie
Watch Micro-Olympics on Youtube

13 comments on “Micro-Olympics Christmas”

  1. L.K says:

    what a boring game!!!

  2. Its easy i tooo thinked it hard but no Need to now strategy

  3. دليل says:

    this one is much to hard

  4. T.Woods says:

    I live in Florida but have been in hiding on my yacht. Where u at G?

  5. ivory says:

    hi what you guys doing wheree you at i sssssshoud say where you live?

  6. T.Woods says:

    How do you get over 4,000?

  7. No Glitch says:

    The last round of Undefined Scrooge is the Bonus level. Look at the scores when you complete each jump. There’s an extra level bonus. Need perfect jumps to get over 4000, and this is the level you have to do it on.

  8. Joe says:

    There’s a glitch on the last level.. I beat the scrooge character and then I had to face the scrooge again but this time it says “undefined”.. still.. I won 🙂

  9. olafur says:

    I taught scrooge the true meaning of chirstmas.

  10. wiz says:

    Ez egy jó játék! Egyszerű de jó! Az eredetit is játszátok abban messzebb lehet repülni! Ja és lehetőleg csalás nélkül próbáljatok minnél jobb eredményt elérni! 🙂

  11. Antonio says:

    It’s a great game, but you should let the player keep the upgrades through the levels, it will be funnier

  12. sempatik says:

    ben 4.105 puan yaptım neden açılmadı bu dereceye girdi diye mi yoksa ?

  13. Werner says:

    I like Micro-Olympics-games but this one is much to hard.

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