Micro-Olympics on Mars 

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Game Description

Will you be the champion of Micro-Olympics on Mars?
Shoot your flying saucer as far as you can.
Buy and carefully use power-ups on your way to the top.
Try to beat all 7 glorious pilots in this fast paced game…

Game Instructions

Left mouse button, and you are all set!


Read a great guide to Micro-Olympics, by mrhthepie
Watch Micro-Olympics on Youtube

12 comments on “Micro-Olympics on Mars”

  1. cade says:

    This game rocks.

  2. DHS says:

    how can i get over 50,000?

  3. Ozthing29 says:

    this game is good rate 5 stars and got 3# place

  4. okok says:

    salut trop cool le jeu mais un peu facile mais tro coooool

  5. LauschGift says:

    great game,but how i come over 4000???

  6. PAV-MAN says:

    shouldnt there be less gravity on mars? Why is there more than on Earth one than this; a major scientific flaw…

  7. Nikolai says:

    Pretty Entertaining, wish there were more than just 3 in the series.

  8. jan willem says:

    It is not the same as Flying Olympics, the gravity is different and this game is because of that harder.

  9. mike says:

    same like the flying olympics, just different animation and design, still nice.

  10. Teoxihuitl says:

    wonderful! i’ve made my own blog

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