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Game Description

Will you be the champion of Micro-Olympics?
Shoot your plane as far as you can.
Buy and carefully use power-ups on your way to the top.
Try to beat all 7 glorious pilots in this fast paced game…

Game Instructions

Left mouse button, and you are all set!


Read a great guide to Micro-Olympics, by mrhthepie
Watch Micro-Olympics on Youtube


27 comments on “Micro-Olympics”

  1. aryan says:

    mr wright is the easiest

  2. Shillis says:

    Great game!!!

  3. faith says:

    omg i defeat mr wright

  4. cade says:

    This game rocks

  5. Demian says:

    great games!!!

  6. Demian says:

    Microolympics es el mejor juego que he jugado, espero pronto salga otro igual de adictivo que este, el de navidad y marte estan buenos, pero bajaron su calidad. Felicidades por sus juegos.

  7. Woooooooooooooooooooow U R Amazing

  8. Serg22 says:

    only 6k

  9. microsheep says:

    Josh, don’t give up yet, try some more and I’m sure you’ll be able to defeat Sky-Devil as well. Good luck!

  10. josh says:

    hey can u make devil flyer or whoever he is easyer please he is dead hard

  11. ivory says:

    i got over 10,000

  12. ivory says:

    i got over 10,00

  13. ivory says:

    yeah i got over 10,000

  14. T.Woods says:

    how do you get over 10,000?

  15. austin says:

    stupit cickens they dumbest brid in the world they have a brid brain

  16. […] one of only a few dozen games (from Atari’s Space Invaders, to Micro Olympics) I actually enjoyed paying for and would again, is Chicken Invaders: Return of the Yolk! This […]

  17. […] I play this Game more than any other. It is called Micro-Olympics. This any other games can be played on Micro-Sheep.com. The easier the game, with the easiest one click controls, that have to do with distance, seem to be, by far, my favorite. Try this one out. You will wounder how you can become obsessed with something so simple! Link to this game. […]

  18. ivory says:

    hey mr whright is kinda hard to beeat you guys right/

  19. ivory says:

    hi more mico olimpics on jupiter k

  20. this game is so col but mr whright is kinda hard but i thrash every one else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. stef says:

    fix the score table please. make the game honest.

  22. robert e simpson says:

    i will old my breath for an answer that will help me

  23. robert e simpson says:

    game stuck can not plllllllllyl ltriled lfour times for twenty filce lmilnlutelsl lno luck…all gameds

  24. Dellu says:

    i made 10 000 m 😀 http://www.dellu.dragonadopters.com/ print here

  25. Yasha says:

    Love this game! I may steel hours 🙂

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