Obama VS Fly 

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Game Description

All we are saying, is give that fly a (second) chance (against president Obama)…

Game Instructions

You are the fly on Obama’s hand, and you need to escape before Obama smacks you.
Obama will fiddle with his fingers before trying to smack you, don’t fly away yet!
When Obama stops fiddling with his fingers, that’s your cue:
click your mouse button as fast as you can…

6 comments on “Obama VS Fly”

  1. دليل says:

    I made 28746 points 107180


  2. franko says:

    me aburooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. fabi says:

    este juego no puede ser mas aburrido!!!!

  4. toes says:

    hey iluved he game hey a luvs j

  5. Yoav Z says:

    So funny!
    I made 28746 points.

  6. Obama says:

    Cool, loved it 🙂

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